Road to greatness
10 chapter 10
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Road to greatness
Author :blanc2276
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10 chapter 10

I've been training my qi for the last 2 months in here but that's only like 3 days so I've only have 2 days left till the tournament .master appears in front of me and said the words it's time as he's starts demonstrating this amazing skill chills get sent down my back it's overwhelming and this is the power of the skill at masters level when he's weak what would happen when he would unleash this skill at saint level it's an terrifying thing too think about.

as I try and copy my master I feel qi gather at the palm of my hand but that's it .it disappeared right after I've about a month in hear to be able to use the skill I must train hard ...month later ..explosion of energy appears as I swing my arm with a dark purple claw covers my hand I feel great energy circulate I must keep it in my body so I cultivated it and finally I broke trough past the bottle neck thanks to the skill and became an rank 1 steel body warrior .it's all thanks to masters skill it's amazing now what's left is the tournament ..back to being in my room ..

it's the day of the tournament I feel as strong as ever as I make wake way trough crowds at the stadium the tournament is at. I hear people taking about a rumour going around that Jay is now an level 2 steel body warrior can't be this potential if only I had it...master reply's in my head don't worry with my knowledge and skills his potential is nothing I'll make u stronger can he can be with his potential .. I'll take my masters word for I see a tall figure in the distance I released it's matt my best friend. it's hard to miss him when he's 15 teen and stands at 209cm in height a giant Im pretty tall my self (189cm)but I'm tiny compared to him .the only thing I've got on Jay it's that he's small runs in his family his dad's small to like 169cm tall but doesn't stop then from being strong and wealthy I guess ...

I hope I don't have to face Jay or mat both are strong .but I'm no longer weak ..I say hi to Matt . what's going on Kev . I answer nothing much what about you .same bit nervous about the tournament . why would you be didn't you enter peak of rank 7 earth warrior recently plus your naturally strong .yeah but you know.. what about I can feel your at least an rank 5 as well your pretty strong you might make it to class C with that strength then you could practice alchemy like you wanted to you can become rich ..yes but you need great control and skill to become an alchemist but it sure is a way to become rich anyway it time for them to show. use we are facing let's go ...
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    《Road to greatness》