Road to greatness
13 chapter 13
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Road to greatness
Author :blanc2276
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13 chapter 13

the rumors of how I defeated a rank 6 already spread.but I don't have to focus on small things like that I need to get into top 20 that's my goal .2 more fights and then it's the top 20 when that happens we are going to be moved to one area and we will take turns fighting. not like now where multiple people fight at the same time .hope my next opponent isn't too strong it's about to be time for my fight now.

I don't know what's his rank so I'll be cautious

as the fights about to start and I walk on to the stage I hear my opponent call my name .I look towards him .he starts talking to me . it's only luck that u defeated him your not strong enough to do so .I don't know how you cheated but I know you did .your just a poor peasant with a 2 star base .you stood no chance. you didn't get lucky this time fighting me I'm an rank 7 u stand no chance I'll crush you in seconds.

he's a rank 7 I don't know what I should do I can't use my ultimate skill I need to leave it for later or I won't make it .

fight start

my opponent uses start dust Technic to blow be nearly of the stage right of the bat he sent me flying 4 meters back .he's powerful I can't let him hit me with something like that again I must close the gap between us and use what master thought me while I was in the dark realm .. sword arts tho the Technic I learnt isn't anything special i should be able to use it in close combat since he seems like he uses long distance attacks like star dust it's the only way I can counter him .

as I bate him into using star dust I use my sword Technic flash step and close the distance while he used his skill and I inflicted some damage on him with my sword while he tried to recover from my attack I quickly used energy beam and shot him .

he's unconscious the win goes to Kevin .

that was close I don't know what I'll do if my next apponent is stronger than he was..
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    《Road to greatness》