Road to greatness
14 chapter 14
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Road to greatness
Author :blanc2276
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14 chapter 14

my next apponent is weak he's only rank 4 he probably just got lucky and got here ..

wait didn't my last opponent say that I must not think like that or I'll lose like him .if I win this round I'll make it into top 20 .

15 minutes later . no I guess he got here by luck he wasn't hard to defeat . I actually made it this far it's all thanks to master without him I'd probably be rank 3 or something and stood no chance and would end up in class D or F but now I can get into class A and take those alchemy class with the strong teacher from the library .

but now that I got this close without revealing my trump card what if I can't make it to the top 5 and receive some pills which would make me stronger..but before that I would have to face Jay and I think he might be to strong .

hey Kev you actually made it too top 20 nice.

you too matt I see but I expected that from you .your strong plus your peak of rank 7 . hahaha I guess your right what about you I heard you defeated a rank 6 yourself .

that was with just luck . I heard differently ..

I heard you used a sword skill those are pretty hard to use maybe one day you can form sword qi .

mhh yeah maybe one day I will . anyway if we both win are next matches we will be up against each other.yeah maybe the best win .if we make it that far .anyway I'll see you after the next match either as an opponent or just a friend...
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    《Road to greatness》