Road to greatness
15 chapter 15
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Road to greatness
Author :blanc2276
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15 chapter 15

congratulations to everyone that made it this far we are now moving too the single stage and watching the fights from there .the principal an other eldes came to witness these fights .

if I win the next round I don't know how I should fight against matt but I haven't got that far yet I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

fights about to start I walk on to the stage .

I don't know how a weakling like you got this far but your not making it past me (smirks )

we'll see about that.

fight start ....30 minutes before

Kevin I'll teach you something as a reward for getting this far . suspicious why would you do that master's more of an investment than reward if you get into top 5 you will get pills which will make you stronger faster but you will also have more privileges when you enter classes you might get usefull materials in the alchemy class that can get me regain strength and also strength you so that you can get cores for me so it's good both way..

ok master

what is this skill you mentioned . it's not exactly a skill but something more of a addition to your actual skill than a skill itself .

it's something like sword qi but different it's not that powerful but it should get you past the next few rounds . you use your lighting qi to cover your sword and keep it steady it will strength your sword and if your smart you will figure out that it can be used at middle range as well.

ok I'll study it but I've a question master if I can use my lighting qi could I use beast qi as well .

I guess your not stupid the answer is yes but it's a lot harder and I'll teach you how to do it one day when your stronger now go back to training. yes master.

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    《Road to greatness》