Sword Among Us
791 Break the Peace in Beijing
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Sword Among Us
Author :Black Swordsman Online
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791 Break the Peace in Beijing

His body shuddered, and a yellow sword glare pierced through Barren Murderer's body. 

The words that had already reached the tip of his tongue died away when Happy executed his sword qi calmly. He widened his eyes, and he stared at Happy in disbelief while he was more than sixty-five feet away. 

The alley sank into dead silence once more. 

Everyone held their breaths, and they stared dumbfoundedly at Barren Murderer, who remained in the stance of moving forward. Their jaws fell slack, and they said nothing even after a long time had passed. 

The last to react to the situation were the Class One Hall members beside Barren Murderer. 

Once Barren Murderer told them to back down, they only sensed a destructive sword will, and then, Vice Hall Master Barren no longer moved. 

Silence fell among the people. 

Finally, someone noticed that the situation was not right. When they fully registered what had happened, they took two steps forward and arrived beside Barren Murderer to take a peek at him. Barren Murderer's face had already become blurry, and a large, bloody hole appeared at the center of his eyebrows. 

At the same time, someone behind him finally saw fresh blood pour out of the back of Barren Murderer's head. 

The people were stunned silent. They felt as if they had fallen into an icy cave, and they found themselves unable to say anything for a long time. 


Happy looked as if he had done something very insignificant. 

"If you want to die so much, I'll grant your wish," he said faintly, and when the system notified him that he won the duel, he turned around resolutely. 

Wherever he went, the martial artists will not dare to be inattentive. They will move to the side and allow Happy to pass. 

"Tell your hall master that I will be in Beijing over the next two days. If anyone wants to find me, go to Wandering Know-it-all's mansion." His provocative words came out of the end of the alley and traveled into Drifting Sword and the Class One Hall members' ears. 

The group of people had their lips twitch, and they looked at each other with blank stares. 

The people from other sects in the alley might seem to be delighting in Class One Hall's misfortune, but they did not dare laugh in Class One Hall's face. Still, they did talk a lot about it in private. 

"He even came over here to cause trouble to Happy… Right now, the most powerful person in Class One Hall is Barren Murderer. Even when he worked together with Drifting Sword, they can't do anything to Happy, and it's already a huge slap in Class One Hall's face. Will Dream Clouds even think about causing trouble to him now?"

"Hehe, that's right. there's no sane person who will turn the other cheek once someone slaps them in the face."

"Towering Palace has already been destroyed to the point that they can't even lift their heads anymore. Class One Hall is alone, and will they even dare fight against Mu Clan? Right now, Happy has come to their doorstep to cause trouble. Let's see how Class One Hall will handle the situation."

"He came over here to cause trouble? I don't think so. If he's really here to cause trouble, he wouldn't come here, but would stay outside the city or Class One Hall's headquarters. There are plenty of places for him to cause trouble."

While the group of people stared at each other at a loss, Happy's voice traveled into their ears from a direction in the distance. Even so, his voice was clear. "By the way, it's impolite not to return gifts. Last time, Barren Murderer gave a great gift to Mu Clan when he came over to visit us, and I intend to return a gift. Hall Master Dream, if you don't have time, I don't mind going to your doorstep to deliver you your gift to show my sincerity."


Hundreds of martial artists heard about this and came over, and they were instantly shocked by these words. 

If Happy had just delivered a superficial provocation before this, then the words he said right now were filled with hostility and were specifically targeted at Class One Hall. Even if Class One Hall wanted to run, they will not be able to. 

And just as they expected, quite a number of people noticed that once Happy said those words, the Class One Hall elites in the area immediately had their expressions change. Without another word, they turned around and merged themselves into the crowd to leave. 

"Heh, this time, Class One Hall is in trouble."

"You don't say."

"That Barren Murderer… I thought that he'd be really powerful once he learned Heaven and Earth Great Shift, but in the end, he's nothing in front of Happy."

"He even deliberately went to Mu Clan's branch to kill them in such a flashy manner in the past, and he was really proud of himself for doing that too. Right now, I reckon Dream Clouds is so regretful that she'd want to pull her hair out."

"And it looks like Heaven and Earth Great Shift is really a derivation from Shifting Stars. Tsk tsk…"

Once the crowd discussed among themselves, they gradually left the alley. At that moment, there were already very few people who talked about Responsible Hero, who appeared out of nowhere, and no one even talked about Ximen Chuixue. 

Happy defeated Barren Murderer and Drifting Sword, and he was now prepared to go to Class One Hall and give them trouble. This news soon spread through all of Beijing, and within a moment, a storm brewed in the city!

An uneasy atmosphere enveloped the city. 

"Hey, did you hear?"

The restaurants, tea houses, markets, and streets had the same news circulate in them. 

"I heard that Happy has already given Class One Hall the last diplomatic note, and if they don't do something to be responsible of what they did to Mu Clan's branch, he will personally head to Class One Hall's headquarters."

"You're just spewing nonsense at this point."

"Right now, the restaurants near Class One Hall's headquarters has already been entirely filled. Damn it, look at the seats near the windows! They're stuffed full of people!"

"Happy hasn't appeared yet, though…"

"That's right. This group of people, they're really just a bunch of people who crave nothing but chaos."

"Class One Hall is in big trouble this time!"

"Happy went to Yangzhou alone some time ago, and the result from it was that Towering Palace's headquarters was destroyed. They now only have fewer than ten branches out of the original hundred or so branches they had. This time… Heh."

"No way. There're so many elites in Class One Hall, and they're all so strong."

"Isn't Towering Palace powerful too? But they're still beaten down to the point that they don't dare say anything now."

"Yeah, I reckon that the distribution of power in the north is about to be renewed. If Happy really takes action, he can work together with the local sects, Chivalry Sect, Wind and Rain Alliance, and Wind Assault Tower…"

"Will Happy dare to go to Class One Hall's headquarters alone?"

"No way! Even if he has the courage of David himself, he wouldn't dare to! If he does, then we'll just sit back and watch how he dies!"

"It's not as if you don't know Class One Hall's strength. Can the two women from Towering Palace even compare to them?"

"So Barren Murderer, so what? Happy is alone, but Dream Clouds, Barren Murderer, Blood Robes, Zhou Yu, and Drifting Sword are all top-class players."

"Besides, he's alone. No matter how great he is, there will be periods of time where he is tired."


"I say, he should just be trying to frighten Class One Hall."

"I don't think Happy is that crazy yet."

"That's right. Class One Hall's foundation is something one person cannot hope to destroy. Even if he hits it for a few days, it might not necessarily be destroyed."

"I think that he's just paving the way for the Mu Clan members for the quests in Emperor's Announcement. He's delivering a blow on Class One Hall beforehand."

"Even if he wants to fight against them, I don't think he has the ability to do so."


All sorts of discussions circulated in Beijing. 

Everyone was guessing how Class One Hall will deal with the subsequent situation. There were also people who were worried that Happy was prepared to destroy their last strong enemy in the Chinese server with his intention to attack Class One Hall and that he was beginning to make preparations to unify the Chinese server. 

But the trouble maker who broke the peace in Beijing and stirred up a storm in it had long since arrived at Wandering Know-it-all's mansion. He was currently drinking happily with the man. 

A few of Wandering Know-it-all's disciples sat by the side and watched the young man who could make the whole Chinese server tremble when he stomped his feet. Their gazes were curious and excited. 

"This is good wine!

"Ha… it's been a long time since I drank like this. Feels good." Happy put down the large bowl and pursed his lips. The heat in his stomach spread out. 

Nine Yang Divine Skill was very good when it came to helping its user get out of a drunken state. Even if Happy drank a lot of wine, he will not get drunk. 

Wandering Know-it-all lifted his cup with a smile. "Then drink more instead of running around and fighting just because you're bored. This perfect peaceful Beijing has descended into chaos because of you.

"By the way, last time, didn't you tell me that you will only get rid of Towering Palace but will not fight against Class One Hall?"

Happy smiled mysteriously. 

"This is this, and that is that." He stopped talking for a moment. Then, his voice turned dark. "We're not to the point that we have to fight at full force yet, but I cannot just stand by and do nothing for what Barren Murderer did to Mu Clan. It's a perfect moment now. We only have two days left until war breaks out at the borders. If Dream Clouds doesn't pay a little for what she did, it's not impossible for me to go along the flow and get rid of her headquarters."

"Pay?" Wandering Know-it-all was stunned for a moment, and his thoughts ran astray. 

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    《Sword Among Us》