The King of Puppets
26 Good Nigh
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The King of Puppets
Author :Chabu
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26 Good Nigh

"Hahahhaha! I'm incredible, priest!" The priest was already getting tired from Zakou, as he had been boasting for the past two hours.

"Iwh ojk tru! Ju ng dsecrd gangel!" Even the little girl was helping by the side lines, making his life a complete misery at the moment.

Of course, the priest would never admit that he was happy that both of them didn't look troubled.

The boy had just lost the blessing of his God and the girl was just kidnapped by a dragon, it was a miracle that neither of them had broken down.

He remembered that he had to make the girl teach the kid her language, but seeing both of them smiling and running around boasting he decided it was for the best of for the kids and his mind that he told them tomorrow.

"Go to sleep kid, tomorrow will be a day full of work" Zakou hearing that stopped on his tracks, turning to the priest he questioned

"Why? We still have energy see?!" He said before starting to run around once again, but this time the girl was too tired to continue.

"See?! Your pet is already too tired, go eat something and then sleep!" Feeling that he had no choice Zakou started running to the snow, to try to hunt for a small animal... Why he always abandon me? Questioned Lucia before the lich pointed her to enter the catacombs.

"He must be envious of my new power! Hahahah" Zakou talked alone while running around for animals, after so much time living around the undead they simply lost their fear for people.. which made hunting quite boring.

What would make this enter-

[It has been a long time boy]

Floating words suddenly appeared in front of Zakou, making him miss a rabbit and fall down on the snow.

"SHITTY SYSTEM!" Zakou screamed at the skies making the snow move away from him only with his voice.

[That is not a good thing to say]

"Oh yeah you f-" Zakou quickly put his hands on top of his mouth because he remembered, the other system would be ten times more of a douchebag.

Soo that means, that this one was the good system!

"Sorry" Zakou responded without thinking two times, because if this one was involved he would always gain something.

[I see that you've gained some strange powers in a short period of time]

"Yeah, yeah it was because this strange ritual and some crazy powerful gods" Talking about what happened made Zakou feel kind of sad about the Dragon God, but at least he gained two from the Snake God.. maybe he should start the Snake Cult!

[Did you sell your soul?]

"What?! Of course no, do you think I'm stupid? I'll go to Sovngarde one day system, can't be selling if I want to drink and fight for all eternity, hahHAHAHA!" Seeing the kid laughing made the system remember that the kid was growing up, maybe the day where he would be stable enough to go back to his land was coming closer.. just maybe.

[Then it's all safe, do you wish to see your status and the new things that I've added?]

"Of course" Zakoi was already eating a raw rabbit while he talked, he could have cooked it but the hunger was just too much for him to resist.

[Name: Zakou/No name

Chackra: 0

Strength: 144 -> 182

Intelligence: 82 -> 223

Wisdom: 12 -> 14

Wrath: 99 -> 97

Titles: The Idiot, The Madman, The Dragon Priest, The Blessed One, The Cursed One, The Master of Puppets]

"Wow! My intelligence got so much higher! But why did I lose wrath?" Zakou had got up again, searching for another rabbit to kill this monster called hunger.

[It's because of your actions, your intelligence only got this high because you absorbed a part of a god]

"Uhmm that makes sense.. I guess" Zakou was not paying too much attention right now, as he was almost getting another idiot rabbit, but if he did he would be shocked.

[One of the things that I've implemented is some kind of weigh to the titles system]

"Uhm didn't understand" Zakou was back with ninety percent of his attention on the system, the other ten was in eating the rabbit.

[To make it simple, they didn't do anything before now they do]

"Wow cool! Can you show me then?" Zakou started walking back, he felt full after eating so much and his pet must be feeling lonely.

[The Idio-]

"Ugh, only show me the cool ones!" Zakou didn't want to waste his time reading through a boring wall text.

[The Dragon Priest: You are trying to reinstate the old empire of your God, because of such things your voice is three time stronger than others.

Reason: It exist because of your devotion to the Dragon God]

[The Blessed One: You are blessed by multiple gods.

Blessing of the Fox: Your eyes will never be clouded.

Blessing of the Bear: As long as you have food you'll never die.

Blessing of the Moth: You're more handsome.

Blessing of the Snake: Even when trying to sell poison as water people will believe you.

Blessing of the Wolf: You are the alpha, go and create your own pack]

[The Cursed One: You are cursed by multiple gods.

Curse of Hircine: The God of hunting is angry that one of its wolf was killed.. be prepared to be the prey.

Curse of the Snake: You have angered the snake, so your saliva shall become pure poison]

"Ugh such a boring thing! But it's necessary.. I think" Zakou was still talking to himself when he noticed he was back inside the catacombs.

Such a dark place, full of dust, reeking of corpses and the steps of the undead that would sound all night.. sweet sweet home.

He was going to lay down on his bed, that wasn't much of a bed, it was just a pillow on the floor and that is it, but he noticed that his pet was occupying more than half of it.

Feeling kind of troubled Zakou decided there was no problem in sleeping there with his pet, but right when he was going to sleep his pet turned her head and looked straight at his eyes.

"You know? It has been such a long time since someone slept in the same bed as me.. or that I had a pillow" Seeing his pet saying things in the language he couldn't understand he decided to just pet her a bit to see if that would make her go quiet.

Well it had a complete reverse effect.

"Hahha, you know angel it has been so long since someone did something like this, the only time someone even did something as good as this.. they abandoned me.. and and and.. I don't know what I did! I don't know if I was a bad daughter! I don't know I don't know I don't know!"

Lucia was breaking down on the bed, before she still had her mind filled with other things, but now? She had nothing and all the troubles she had today came back at full force.

"I.. just.. don't.. KNOW!" Seeing his pet crying and screaming, Zakou did what the priest did to him one time.. he hugged her and waited for her to calm down before going to sleep.

Something that Lucia didn't know is that Zakou also cried during that night, he was a failure.. he failed the Dragon God... he failed the priest.. he failed his uncle.

Bye bye tomorrow till tomorrow
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    《The King of Puppets》