The Tsundere CEO
26 Move in
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The Tsundere CEO
Author :Haliukii
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26 Move in

Liu Wei looked back at me.

I reassured him with a smile. It's not like I knew him I was just shocked because I had definitely heard about him before.

Liu Wei seemed to know what I was saying when I smiled. He also gave a very slight smile in return. Which no one but me could've noticed. He looked back at Yáng Yáng in front of us and gave him a deadly glare.

To which Yáng Yáng gave a smile.

Then he looked down to the man on the floor.

In a dead voice he said.

"Zhang Yong get up."

The struggle was obvious when he was trying to get up but Yáng Yáng didn't care. He didn't even care about the fact that he was bleeding out.

Liu Wei laughed a little and said

"It's not like you to help a comrade that lost a battle."

"You are indeed right brother. If it weren't for your lovely wife being here. I wouldn't have come. And he would've been left here to die."

He showed a smile that made him seem like he was actually happy.

But didn't he just talk about killing a man?

"Same as ever."

Yáng Yáng paid no attention to Liu Wei's comment and looked at me and spoke with his deep voice. I couldn't help but take notice of his lips as they moved.

"We'll meet again princess. Until next time."

Then a black car came up and Yáng Yáng threw Zhang Yong inside.

And no I don't mean helped in or tossed.


He picked him up and threw him inside, head first.

When Zhang Yong's head hit the other side of the car I jumped. Scared for his safety. But honestly I didn't care that much. So I didn't focus on it.

Yáng Yáng got into the car himself.

Even when the car left Liu Wei didn't let go of my arm.

Not for about 2 minutes and then he suddenly turned around and hugged me.

No one could probably tell but me but I felt him trembling throughout that whole encounter. I hugged him back tightly until he seemed to be fine again. And he calmed down.

I wonder what happened with his brother to make this invincible man scared.

He let go of me and put his huge hands on my small face while giving me a slight peck on the lips and then pulling away. Revealing a beautiful smile on his face. His straight and white teeth showing.

"After everything that has happened. You get to come back home with me finally."


Honestly I was shocked. What does he mean since when did we live together. I mean it was in the contract but I never moved in.

Understanding my question he said with a dead expression.

"I had some people move your stuff in while you were in a coma."

He smiled again.

Ugh this kid.


I guess he's pretty cute.
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    《The Tsundere CEO》