The Tsundere CEO
27 I’m not weak. Don’t worry.
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The Tsundere CEO
Author :Haliukii
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27 I’m not weak. Don’t worry.

We left the office that day at around 8pm and despite the sunny skies early morning. Rain was pouring extremely hard. I looked over at Liu Wei and it seems like he didn't mind the rain. Which just made me happier since the rain was always what I preferred weather wise.

As the cold droplets started to come down even harder than before. A dark car pulled up in front of us and stopped. Liu Wei pulled my wrist and with his other arm put his suit jacket over my head to make sure I didn't get water on my outfit and body.

I pulled my head away as I didn't need to be protected from just some rain. But also since his suit and watch probably cost more than my life and I should protect it desperately. Not the other way around.

But he still had my wrist caught and I couldn't move away. I glared in his direction and he just smirked.


When we got in the car I looked out the window. The rain was still pouring hard as I looked at the gorgeous city lights outside. I don't know how long it had been since I blanked out while looking outside.

I guess sometimes the world really can be beautiful. The lights decorated the buildings like frosting on a cake. I smiled faintly.

But then after having such silence for about 5 minutes. I heard a faint sound of something opening and could see a light in the reflection of the window. It seems like Liu Wei opened his computer. I looked over and he started typing while looking at a stack of papers that I didn't even know was there.

Really what kind of assistant am I?

I could tell he felt my stare on him and he casually looked over. There was quite a bit of anxiousness in his voice when he asked.

"You know who Yáng Yáng is.... right?"

I was a bit startled by his question but I answered anyway with a light nod. Indicating yes.

"Good thing you know. It's best that if you ever see him when I'm not near avoid him at all costs. It'd be easier if you didn't get hurt."

I saw something move up front and could see the driver turned his head. Shock was written on his face. When I was in the mansion as a kid I remember the same expression on his face after Liu Wei was so welcoming to me. I figured out later that Liu Wei only ever said 2 words or less a day. He must be shocked that he's speaking.

I chuckled a little. The driver was funny and so was Liu Wei's answer. He's worrying about me without trying to directly say it? Cute.

"I'm not weak don't worry. I'm a 5th grade black belt in taekwondo. I hold my own if he's ever near."

He looked a bit confused as he said

"That didn't show up in the background check I did of you. Weird."

...He really did a background check of me.

I sighed because even though I understood that since he is a man a lot of people would like to kill he would have to do a background check for his assistant. It's still annoying.

"Well maybe you need a better team of researchers."

He nodded as if he was actually considering firing all of them. And he turned back to his computer.

"Hey can I ask you something too?"

As soon as I said that we went through the huge gate of his house. Which I had been in only once before (Chapter- 3&4) I shivered slightly thinking of that day. I only turned back to look at him only after he answered me.

"What is it?"

His full attention was on me which made me happy as he always put full attention on me when I spoke.

I bit my lip nervously as I asked

"Can I quit my job and work as what I want to do."

He smiled seeing my reaction and lifted my head up by my chin. There was a very loving expression in his eyes.

"Of course. What is it you want to do? I'll make it happen."

I was excited a I looked at him.

"I want to be an actress."

His facial expression dropped and he instantly declined.

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    《The Tsundere CEO》