The Villain’s Bodyguard
55 Chapter Fifty-Five
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The Villain’s Bodyguard
Author :Sleepwrite
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55 Chapter Fifty-Five

"The designs on it are holographs from the anceint time of gods, many of them are lost in history. The ones that aren't, are either commonly known or are horded and kept hidden by others. For example, the one I used to create the formation to hide this hallway with would be considered common holographs. The holographs hold more power based on who created them and when organized into a correct structure they bind together to make a formation. The higher leveled the holgraphs are and the more that are connected, the more difficult they are to make. Acutally, the one you are touching-WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAND!" In the midst of rambling, Rong You was once again horrified into silence by Meng.

Meng was momentarily shocked by Rong You's outburst before she looked at the hand she had against the formation. The wrist on it was now completely swollen to the point that it had turned black and purple. It really was a horrid sight.

The adrenaline from dealing with Feng Qi made her even forget her fight with the empress.

Meng carefully withdrew her hand from the formation and rubbed her head nervously with her other hand. She didn't feel like sharing too much about Feng Qi yet, therefore on the spot Meng made up an excuse.

"I fell."

Rong You's face turned as black as ink.

"You fell? What did you fall on? A hammer? Girl, quickly tell this master who did this? This grevience must be adressed." Noticing that Meng didn't look ready to share, Rong You pleaded.

Even though, he planned to stay out of sight in this kingdom, she was still his disiple. He wouldn't slack off no matter how dangerous the situation was for him.

Meng was speechless. First Feng Qi and now Rong You both acted like they were worried about her. She has experienced fake acting before, however the fact that she didn't know what was to gain out of it annoyed her to death.

"I fell, hard." She said this time leaving no arguments to be made. Normally, she would be able to make up something better, however for some reason the world felt a bit off balance for her. Her eyes fought for focus as she tried to stay balanced on the ground.

Weird thoughts floated in and out of her head leaving her in a dazed and confused state. 'When did Master Rong's head become so shiny?'

For the first time with Ru Gu Meng, Rong You looked like he was really going to lose his mind. The vein on his forehead revealed itself at an excessive rate and his lips had gone to the thinnest line possible.

With extreme self control, he stopped himself from yelling and turned around. Stiffly, he motioned Meng to follow him with his hand. He wanted to show her to the room he set up for her, however was afraid that if he opened his mouth he would really go off.

Yet, for some reason he never Heard Meng move toward him. With the vein growing in clarity on his forehead, he turned around slowly back toward her only to freeze in shock.

Meng was no longer standing up. In fact, she was no longer up at all.

Meng was laid out on the floor with a deathly pale face. Her breathing was barely noticeable and a trail of bright blood fell out of the side of her mouth.

Rong You panicked.


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